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Quick Tips

"A few helpful printing facts that might be of interest."


The two main types of paper in terms of weight are Text (lighter weight stock for content) and Cover (heavier stock to make front and back covers of multi-page documents).
The various weights of paper also come in a variety of textures, which include: matte, glossy, semi-gloss and custom papers.


Print jobs are done in either Black & White, 2-Color, 4-Color (Full Color) or Custom Color (which can add a 5th color, usually a metallic).


In addition to the inherent texture of the paper you are using, paper can be coated with a special finish.
An AQ or Aqueous coating is sometimes applied after the ink to keep the document smudge and scuff resistant and applies a low-cost glossy finish to the final product.
Varnish coatings also add various degrees of gloss to the product and can be applied to specific areas to provide a combination of glossy and matte finishes to a single page.
UV or Ultraviolet coatings add a super-high gloss to the product and are more protective than either aqueous or varnish coatings.
Laminates coat the page in a thin layer of plastic. There are many different kinds of laminates, covering a range of thicknesses, tints and using various processes to apply.


Stamping processes include:
Foil Stamping -- This adds a metallic element to the page, which can be applied selectively -- to certain lettering, for instance. Foil stamping can be combined with embossing to create a striking 3-D effect.
Embossing gives lettering, images or design a raised relief quality that stands out on the page.
Die Cutting is a method of cutting paper into a desired shape or making a hole or gap of a desired shape in a piece of paper or cardboard. This is frequently used in various kinds of packaging.
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